Monday, July 14, 2008

What Happens in Vegas

After the Mavs opening Summer League games--an 86-69 drubbing by Eric Gordon (and the Clippers), and then the 95-86 loss to the Warriors--we here at DD are going to break down what we saw, as 13 guys battle for the last remaining roster spot.

-New Signees:

--James Singleton
Patrick:Known for his defensive/rebounding prowess, Singleton impressed with his ability on the offensive end, as well as good ability in running the floor on the break. He defended nicely, especially on the pick and roll. The good defense will be a constant, and hopefully he can continue his offensive production. (Update: summer league game 2, Singleton put up 17 and 8, shooting 5-9).
Nate: Something I didn't know until midway through game 2 was that this kid is coming off major knee repair. That could explain his apparent lack of athleticism on some plays. I do agree with Patrick though on the fast break side of his game. He always seems to be at the right spot on both ends of the floor, and his touch inside the paint is pretty good. What has impressed me the best on Singleton is how active he has been. I'm not sure how much playing time he will be able to get behind Dirk, Damp, Bass, and Diop, but he can now develop his game in practice and continue to get better.

--Gerald Green
Patrick:Raw and athletic, both of which showed during this game. Had great moments: a nice steal and emphatic dunk, and drove to the basket well. On the other hand, however, he had some not-so-hot moments: forcing up a lot of shots and showcasing his famous attitude after a hard foul. As long as he continues to drive and not settle for jumpers, and continue to work hard on defense, he will be a solid player.
Nate:The best player on the summer league roster by a mile. The kid is VERY athletic and can shoot the long-range jumper. What is going to make or break Green is what he can do in between the drive and three-point shot. It's the 15-18 foot jumper he passes up that scares me. Green plays with a chip on his shoulder, and his attitude reflects that. He needs to cut down on the "everyone hates me" mode and just play the game.

--Keith McLeod
Patrick:Understands the game and runs the point well. Played a solid game, is tough on the defensive end, as well. Only issue is his shooting. Overall, though, a very solid performer and could easily win the backup PG spot.
Nate:First off, reports are coming in through multiple sources that Keith McLeod's contract is non-guaranteed. This means that once this whole summer league/tryout is over, the Mavs have the option to release McLeod. So while it looks as if there is only one roster spot left (cough FOSTER FOSTER cough), McLeod's spot could be replaced. McLeod though, I believe, has nothing to worry about. I love his swarming defense and the way he gets to the basket. What he does need to work on is his shooting. It will be a tough battle for the #2 spot on the point guard list on this Mavs team.

-Guys on the Bubble:

--Shan Foster
Patrick: The new draft pick did not get the playing time he needs to prove himself. Came in and nailed his first three point shot, and has a great quick release. Other than that, did not get the ball much, and played little. He did play solid defense. Hopefully he can get more PT in the coming games.
Nate:My co-blogger was forced to miss the 3rd game that is in progress as I write this against Minnesota. Foster was finally put into the starting lineup, and he has been tremendous! In 12 minutes so far, "Suga Shan" is 7-10 for 15 points. He is demanding respect from the scrubs on the T'Wolves team, and everyone is taking notice. I can only hope Rick and Donnie are taking notice.

--Charles Rhodes
Patrick: A bit of a surprise, but played a very solid game. Scored 10 on 5-8 shooting and had six boards off the bench. Defended the pick and roll nicely and demonstrated nice shooting range. Could turn heads if this play continues. (Update: Game 2: 4-5 with 12 points and 6 boards.)
Nate: I agree that he is making an impact, but I just can't picture him fitting on the Mavs squad. His excellent play will turn the heads of another team looking to pick up the 6-8 forward.

--Richie Frahm
Patrick:Disappointing performance. Had little to no impact on the game. Will need to do more if he wants to make this team. Only had three points and contributed very little.
Nate: He's white, and he plays like it. He was put on this summer team for one purpose: shooting. He isn't even doing that all that well. NOT IMPRESSED!

--Aaron Miles

Patrick: Appeared a little timid at first with a couple of turnovers, but came around in the second half and ended with a decent performance. Ran the offense well, and showed he was capable of scoring, too. Still needs to stand out/do more if he wants to make this team.
Nate: Almost seems as if he is just going through the motions on offense. I was not impressed with his PG play and his defense on the opposing team's guard was timid.

--Pape Sow
Patrick: A raw, yet athletic center. Has great quickness and agility for his size. Also plays with great intensity, which can lead to unnecessary fouls. Lacks quality post moves, but can run up and down the court well.
Nate: Patrick likes this guy way more than me. He is listed as a center but plays defense like a shooting guard. His help defense seemed very slow and his post moves looked like a middle schooler. Am I being too harsh?

--Reyshawn Terry
Patrick:Another disappointing player. Normally a great shooter, but only took one shot. Struggled to get involved in the game. Did nothing memorable, good or bad. Can't disappear in a summer league game and hope to make the team.
Nate: Has the fundamentals that any Tar Heel would possess. However, besides a few small glimpses of play, he has not done much of anything.

Patrick/Nate: JaJuan Smith and Derrick Low, both great players in college, barely got off the bench. I guess they aren't in the Mavs plans for the future. And where is Reggie Williams? He has played in only 8 minutes so far and hasn't provided any contributions. (UPDATE: In game 3, JaJuan Smith recieved 18 minutes of action and led all scorers with 19 after hitting 4-6 from the arc.)

Nate: In closing, the zone defense has impressed me and the set plays on offense have more motion without the ball than Avery seemed to call. It will be nice to watch these offensive and defensive sets in a REAL NBA game.
Speaking of real NBA, where did they find these scrub commentators? I continually had to mute my television because of these idiots and their rants. I'm sending an application in to NBA TV, they must be desperate for hire.

Tomorrow DD will give you the recap of our boy Josh Hamilton, who hit TWENTY EIGHT homers in the first round of the homerun derby! No, that is not a typo! We will also preview the Midsummer Classic and look around at all the local pro teams.


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