Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream

"I got a chance, when I was in the middle of that [home run] streak, to look up and see my mom and dad and family and everybody, just absolutely laughing and cheering. And I mean, that's priceless."
-- Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton dreamed of Monday night a few years back. As I wrote in a previous DD column Wild, Wild AL West, Hamilton spoke to reporters saying, "I had a dream just before I got back into baseball, probably three months before I was reinstated, that I was in a home run derby, and it happened to be in Yankee Stadium. I didn't see myself hit or anything, but a lady stuck a microphone in my face and I got to tell everyone why I was there." Not only did Josh's dream come true, he made the night memorable, setting the all-time record for home runs in a first round with 28! Bobby Abreu had the previous record with 24, and Hamilton crushed that. If you have not seen this amazing performance, check this out...

Needless to say, the first round wore out Hamilton. Justin Morneau took home the trophy, but all everyone will remember from this magical night was Hamilton's show-stopping performance.

Those weren't the only actions by a Texas Ranger during the all star festivities that makes us here in North Texas proud. Michael Young, named the All-Star MVP in Pittsburgh two years ago after hitting a two-run triple in the ninth inning, supplied the game-winning RBI for the American League again Tuesday with a 15th-inning sacrifice fly that ended an epic 4-3 battle in the midsummer classic. "He's just so good in those situations," fellow all star Ian Kinsler said. "In every situation, really. That's why he's a five-time All-Star." Even more impressive was the fact that the Rangers became the first team to have three All-Stars steal a base in the same game. Bradley, Kinsler and Hamilton all went 1-3 and had a stolen base. Michael Young though, stole the show.

In other Dallas sports news:
We haven't heard from the Cowboys in awhile, what could they be up to? Well, apparently Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones is making commercials with Deion Sanders?

There's nothing like a strip club obsessed football player's promotion that makes me want to buy a vehicle!

Also, the Dallas Stars rewarded coach Dave Tippett for a trip to the Western Conference finals by adding two years to his deal, keeping him under contract through the 2010-11 season. He has taken his share of criticism for the Stars' recent playoff woes, and it's good to see that he is finally getting the credit he deserves.

As for that other team that plays at the AAC, Mavs expert Art Garcia had a nice interview with newest Mav James Singleton. You can check out Singleton in the summer league, as the Mavs take on Sacramento at 5 tonight. The game will be on a 2-hour tape delay on KTXA-21...


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