Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hump Day Tidbits

-The Rangers, as always, are not having a good post-all star break run. Rangers had a great oppurtunity to keep in the AL West pennant race by stealing a win on the road against Chicago today, but going into the 8th with a 3 run lead, Guardado gave up 2 and then CJ gave up a 3-run homer to recieve his third blown save as the Rangers lost the game, 10-8. Not only that, but they lose their second series in a row. To make matters worse, Millwood left the game early in the second inning with a possible sore groin. Millwood didn't look in pain as he walked off the field with two team trainers, but it's the third time this season he's left a game with the same injury. Hopefully the Rangers can turn this around quickly, because the first place Angels are playing with serious momentum and Texas can't afford to trail them by this many games. Rangers get a much needed day off tomorrow and then face off in a 3 game series against the second place Oakland A's.

In Dallas Mavericks news:
-We here at DallasDedicated couldn't be happier for Dirk, as his life-long dream of representing his country in the olympics is finally coming true. He was in tears as Germany finally reached an olympic berth with Nowitzki at the helm. Another honor that could come true for Dirk would be if he was given the oppurtunity to be the flag-bearer for Germany. An official petition has been released, and everybody can do their part by signing it here.

-Speaking of the olympics, Jason Kidd is leading our country in a run for a gold medal, and he spoke with in an exclusive interview. Kidd didn't just talk about Bejing, but also about what his role is coming into a fresh new season with the Mavs.

-ESPN's Marc Stein reports that Josh Smith wants out of Atlanta, and that Dallas could be a possible destination. A possible sign-and-trade could occur since the Mavs are not willing to part with J-Ho (thank God). Josh Smith would be a great fit on this team, I just hope the Mavs organization don't attempt something dumb to get him, like throw "The Animal" Brandon Bass. We will see how this all shapes up soon.

As for those Cowboys...
-The Dallas Cowboys are returning to California for training camp starting Friday. The team expects to contend for nothing less than a Super Bowl championship. My co-blogger Patrick will have everything Cowboys for you later this week, so stay tuned!


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