Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not Your Typical Tuesday

What a day at Valley Ranch...Yesterday we here at DallasDedicated caught you up on all the injuries that plagued this team during the heartbreaking loss to the Cardinals (See "When It Rains, It Pours"). Little did we know that things were just beginning to shake up. Let's take a deep breath and catch up on all the news and deals that happened today in Cowboys Land.

First came the news out of the NFL offices that Adam 'Pacman' Jones was indeed suspended. DallasDedicated predicted yesterday that he would get one game at best, but we did not expect his indefinite suspension. At least 4 games is the initial word, with a possible chance for reinstatement by Commissioner Roger Goodell for Jones after Dallas' Week 11 game against Washington on Nov. 16. Sources inside DallasDedicated predict that Adam Jones will not be wearing a Dallas Cowboys uniform ever again. This comes at the worst possible time, as Roy Williams and Terence Newman are both injured. The defense has not played up to it's potential yet, and things should get worse with the departure of Pacman, who started in all 6 games for the 'Boys. The recent news for Pacman also makes Jerry Jones look bad, who went to a lot of trouble to get the troubled cornerback to Dallas. How would Jerry Jones respond to this mess? By making a major trade, of course.

There are now two players on the Cowboys with the name Roy Williams. Jerry Jones responded with the suspension and all the injuries by bringing in something he had been wanting since last year's playoff loss to New York, a elite number 2 receiver. Dallas sent Detroit a 1st, 3rd, and 6th round pick in exchange for the Texas-alum and explosive wideout, Roy Williams. While the price seems steep for Williams, Detroit does give Dallas a 7th round pick in the deal, as well as Dallas getting a 5th round pick from Tennessee since Adam Jones could not stay out of trouble.

Not only does this trade make the Cowboys offense ever more explosive, but this deal helps for the future as well. We all know Terrell Owens' age will be a factor, and if indeed an extension is signed by Williams today, it will help the Cowboys have an elite receiver long term. Only one issue arises from this deal: How will T.O. handle this? Will he be happy that he could see some single coverage now, or will he feel threatened that a player as capable as he at receiver will be his teammate? Sooner or later there will be a game when Williams gets 2 touchdowns and over 100 yards, while Owens gets only 3 catches for 30-something yards. Not until this happens will we truly know how T.O. will handle this new acquisition.
(SIDE NOTE: DallasDedicated is not excited that we will have to differentiate between the two Roy Williams in future posts. Will we make it UT Roy and OU Roy? Roy Williams (WR) and Roy Williams (SS)? I'm getting a headache just thinking about it!)

No Romo and no Felix does not necessarily mean no wins. Brad Johnson is a capable veteran with more offensive weapons around him than he or Jason Garrett will know what to do with. The team that people had written off when Romo's pinkie broke now have another elite receiver on their hands. It is going to be a very intriguing 4 weeks here in Dallas, and even more intriguing when Romo makes his return.

Will Romo be back sooner than originally thought? In the midst of all the wheelings and dealings today, Brett Favre called Tony Romo to offer advice and encouragement. Favre told Romo that he should try to see how playing with a splint feels. Romo has not yet been reached for his comments on having Roy Williams in the huddle, but we can assume that he is itching to get back on the field even more now. If Tony does indeed miss the next 3 games, then we here at DallasDedicated pray that Brad Johnson can get the ball to the flying Roy Williams down the field. Things may not be so bad after all...right?!
(UPDATE: Sources at ESPN say that Romo will be playing Sunday after all, splint and all!)


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