Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dr. Diary: Stars Home Opener

We here at DallasDedicated decided to keep a running diary of the Stars home opener. Excitement and anticipation are in the air as the NHL season gets under way. Let's find out if I am capable enough to type out a diary as I try to watch at the same time. This should be interesting...

7:22 - A great analysis on Sean Avery. Did you know that Sean Avery was voted by Sports Illustrated as "Most Hated" but also a finalist for "Best Teammate"?

7:26 - Have you seen this? This is why Sean Avery is hated by his opponents...

7:42 - The game has still not started because the ice must be cleaned after the opening ceremony celebrating the Stars 15th year in Dallas.

7:48 - Game underway. Stars have 6 home opener wins in a row, let's make it 7!

7:58 - Stars on the man advantage. Brenden Morrow gets a good angle but has to adjust last minute and the wrister bounces off the left post. "DING!"

7:59 - The powerplay needs work. Head coach Dave Tippett expressed concern for this very issue throughout preseason, and the first man advantage most likely added some gray hairs for Tippett.

8:08 - Columbus strikes first, Jakub Voracek gets it through Turco's legs for the score (no pun intended)

8:13 - The powerplay was the key to the stars winning last year. Countless times when they scored a goal on the man advantage they continued to pound on offense for the remainder of the game. Let's see if this very thing happens tonight.

8:18- First period is over. The Stars looked very unenergized and only managed 4 shots in the period. They are only down 1, but they need to play with more passion. The crowd is more amped up then the home team.

8:41 - The first and only powerplay goal comes on a 5 on 3 by (who else?) than Brenden Morrow.

8:42 - The Stars now have a 5 on 3 less than a minute later but can't convert. I must say, the powerplay for Dallas is looking a lot more energetic.

8:47 - James Neal scores his first NHL goal to make it 2-1. High hopes for this kid, the organization loves him and he is supposed to have quite a rookie season.

8:58 - A text from my friend in the middle of the 2nd period: "What's the over/under on a fight between Steve Ott and Sean Avery just because they want to hit something?" Well said, Avery and Ott are being very aggressive.

9:06 - The defense without Zubov is not lacking, the young defensemen of Dallas continue to get back in time to get the puck away from breaking Blue Jackets.

9:10 - Daryl "Razor" Reaugh and Ralph Strangis are simply wonderful. I'm convinced that if they were not the local commentators I wouldn't enjoy the games half as much as I do. If I could have Reaugh, Strangis, and Mavs commentators Mark Followill and Bob Ortegal do play-by-play and analysis of everything that happens throughout my day, I would never be bored again.

9:16 - The entire 2nd period looked like a stars powerplay. The puck was rarely in the Stars defensive end. Turco could have gone to the concession stand and gotten some nachos. Speaking of which, I'm hungry...

9:19 - Relentless puck pursuit in period 2. Team came out a little rusty and unenergized. Second period was a completely different story as the Stars are looking strong and Columbus' confidence is gone. Stars get 15 shots on goal that period, with Columbus only getting 2.

9:48 - Two defensemen collided early in the 3rd period and created the scoring oppurtunity for Huselius for the 2nd goal. All tied up.

9:50 - Stars completely outplaying Columbus, yet the Stars are down 3 to 2. Turco gets beat and lets a rebound get loose for the 3rd goal.

9:51 - Goal 4 for Columbus Turco saw but as Daley tried to clear out of the crease it collided off his skate. Some fans in the crowd are heading to the parking lot.

9:54 - Turco is not looking like he did when we last saw him in the postseason. A split second late on shots. Even more surprising is the fact that Rick Nash, essentially their only scoring threat, is a non-factor.

10:07 - The Stars finally got a break of their own, as a "knuckle-puck" (remember that in Mighty Ducks?) ugly shot by Richards makes the game close again with just over 3 minutes to go. Comeback?

10:09 - Less than half of a minute later Stars get their mojo back and pursue on the offensive end. Trevor Daley glides one through the bodies to get it through to tie it at 4. Ralph Strangis put it best following the goal..."This is a crazy game, this hockey!"

10:17 - Another text from my friend as regulation ends: "I turned it to the baseball game for 2 minutes and it's tied! What the hell?!" We are heading to overtime!

10:23 - Turco is looking legit right now. He just stacked his pads to make the ridiculous save!

10:25 - I blame myself....I had to type the words "Rick Nash has been a non-factor". Of course Nash gets the game-winning goal in overtime with just 20 ticks left on the clock.

10:28 - Stars lose their home opener for the first time in 7 years, but at least they get a point in the standings. Tomorrow night the Stars play the Predators, it should be a good one.

10:30 - (changes channel to the Red Sox/Rays game)

That does it for the running diary. Coming early next week: We have all the postgame analysis from the Cowboys game against the Cardinals.



Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Hey, awesome blog! I did a review on the game as well, you covered a lot of things I didn't, and vice versa. Check out my page, I've got a lot of Stars stuff up as well as the rest of the NHL.

DallasDedicated said...

Hey man, thanks for the comment!

We appreciate you adding us to your links page. We will definitely check your blog out throughout this NHL season.