Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mavs Waive McLeod; Open up new spot

Sources have confirmed that Keith McLeod has been waived by the Mavericks today. The injured point guard was going to be buried in the depth chart with little hope of any playing time. If indeed true, this could be good news for Mavs fans, many of whom were never particularly fond of McLeod, or who never saw the point in keeping him along with Kidd, Terry and Barea. Either way, this re-opens the 15th and final roster spot. Could the Mavs be looking to bring back someone recently cut or someone new from the outside? While those who followed the Summer League are clamoring for Charles Rhodes, Reyshawn Terry seems a likely choice by the front office.

We can't ignore the possibility the Mark Cuban is on to something and there is a good reason McLeod was let go. Do not put it past him to orchestrate some signing out of the blue that will make this team even better.

As the story develops, we will keep you updated. Have McLeod's injuries caught up to him? Did he spend his time to prove himself on a stationary bike working out that hamstring?


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