Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Quick Hits

Some quick hits to get you ready for the weekend...and no, that isn't a Josh Howard reference...

-The Desperados did it again. They were eliminated last night by a team with a worse record, less of a talented core, and less of a chance. And once again, Dallas did it all at home in front of an AAC crowd. Is this arena cursed or what?
Clint Dolezel was his normal elite self, but his rival counter-part, Dragon QB Aaron Garcia, scorched the Dallas defense, going 28-for-39 for 330 yards and nine touchdowns.
The real reason the Desperados lost this game was on the special teams end. New York tried three onside kicks, catching Dallas off guard everytime. Two were converted successfully, which resulted in touchdowns. The comeback could not happen, and again the Desperados have a long off-season ahead of themselves.

-ESPN reported that Jerry Jones is working to sign Atlanta receiver Joe Horn. However, during the Desperados game, owner of both Dallas football teams, Jerry Jones, denied the report. Could this be a ploy or is their truth to this rumor? Also reported by ESPN, the Cowboys appear to be in the talking stage of re-signing Terry Glenn. The details look shady about if Glenn will sign the injury clause or not. It would be great to have Glenn back, especially if Joe Horn does not become a Cowboy.

-The Rangers are back over .500, after beating the Philadelphia Phillies 8-7. Ian Kinsler is helping to promote his All-Star campaign, going 3-4 last night with a homer and double. Texas takes on Philly again tonight, as Padilla faces Hamels on the mound. Padilla currently has the most wins in the American League with 10.

-We will have a whole column about the Rangers coming up next week, so stay tuned for that. Also, my co-blogger Patrick will have a full NBA Draft recap, as well as introducing us all to the newest Maverick, Shan Foster from Vanderbilt.

-Speaking of the Mavs, Avery Johnson was on ESPN earlier this morning talking about life as an unemployed ex-coach. Enjoy!


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