Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rap Battling

While the biggest sports story around the nation is Shaq attacking Kobe with words, there are some big things happening here in the Dallas sports world. Plus, I'm more interested in the other rap battle...Lou Pinella vs. Ozzie Guillen

Wow, let's move on...

The rest of the Mavs fans and I can now have the "DIOP, DIOP" rap back in our heads, as Eddie Sefko of the DMNews reports that good old big man DeSagana Diop is back in Mavs colors!

There is good news as well as bad news about this. The Mavs desperately needed a backup center, and Diop seems to be the perfect fit. His numbers combined with Damps look marvelous, and Diop is a crowd and locker-room pleaser. Unfortunately, the Mavs are apparently using the entire mid-level exception on him. That leaves little room regarding the financial status to make anymore dramatic moves. Dallas still needs a scoring big shooting guard and a trustworthy backup point guard. We will see how this all plays out.

The NBA draft begins tonight, and it looks like the Mavs will be looking to use some cash to buy a late first round pick. If that doesn't work, then they will be stuck at pick number 51. Second round picks can sometimes be just what a team needs (see Ginobili, Korver, and Scola) and the draft is very deep this year. What the Mavs need to do is take the best possible player that is left, no matter what the position or reputation of said player.

ESPN's Chad Ford has the Mavs choosing 7 foot Turkish center Semih Erden. Chad obviously knows nothing about the Mavs. A center from Turkey, who's ESPN report on him is "null", would not be the best fit for the Mavs. The Draft kicks off at 6, with the second round beginning in the wee late hours of the night.

Coming tomorrow morning...a preview and full analysis on the Dallas Desperados, who begin the AFL playoffs tomorrow against the New York Dragons.


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