Monday, June 23, 2008


The DallasDedicated hiatus is over! Before you, we were not on strike.

We are back and better than ever.

Oh, the things that have happened since we last talked....

-Pacman Jones is now just Mr. Jones (or Adam Jones if you want to be proper)

-Terry Glenn is asking to be released unless Jerry Jones drops this whole injury clause contract mess (my fellow blogger Patrick will get all into this tonight)

-Josh Hamilton is second among all American League All Star votes, while Ian is second among second baseman.

-The Rangers are playing .500 ball, and are trying to maintain some consistent winning games.

-The Desperados have begun the AFL playoffs as a #3 seed, and will take on the #6-seeded New York Dragons this Friday.

-The Mavs have been somewhat of a standstill in the free agency department, but a lot of rumors are floating around. Also, Dirk and Rick are now a match made in heaven. More to come on that this week!

Let the blogging begin!


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