Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Count Out Owens Yet, Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News ran a column on Sunday morning which read: "Cowboys need to give Owens a lesser role." I would summarize it for you, but the writer did a masterful job with the title. Essentially, he proposed that Roy Williams should be given a more focal role in the offense; that it is time for him to slowly replace Terrell Owens. Well, the Morning News should have waited a day, to say the least. Owens exploded today as the Cowboys romped over the lowly San Francisco 49ers, 35-22. With 7 catches for 213 yards and a touchdown, Owens quickly returned to the T.O everyone remembers him as.

The author of the column (who shall remain nameless, since he clearly didn't see the degree to which T.O. would make him look shameful today), was quick to point out that Owens has put up "pedestrian" numbers this year. Not so fast. As he went on to advocate the ascension of Roy Williams, let's slow down and take a look at some facts. Since arriving in Dallas, Williams has been no more productive than Owens. He has accumulated 9 catches for 110 yards and a touchdown. In those same six games, Owens has 24 catches for 351 yards and 2 TDs. Advantage Owens.

Oh but DallasDedicated, Owens had an amazing game today and the article was written yesterday, so you can't count this game. Ok, fair enough, dissenting reader. Minus today's game, Williams is sitting at 6 catches for 74 yards and a TD; Owens is at 22 catches for 138 yards and a score. So, then, tell me who has pedestrian numbers? Tell me who should be in the subservient role?

Now, this is not meant to bash Roy Williams by any means. For one, he is still adjusting to a new offense, a new quarterback, and everything else that comes with a new team. Secondly, both players had to play under Brad Johnson, who should be named the "wide receiver statistics killer." Roy will blossom soon enough, so don't worry about him. However, to say that it is time for Terrell Owens to become the #2 is ludicrous.

The writer does, though, bring up a good point about Williams. He does need to be more involved. A talent such as he should not be consistently accumulating 3 catch games. Once the 'Boys figure out how to incorporate Owens and Williams, Dallas will have the most unstoppable WR duo in the NFL. Congratulations to Owens for disproving negative press with his play, not with his mouth. He even said after the game that "you guys [the press] have been waiting for me to blow up (side note: they have)." With his reputation, Owens is the object of every reporter's antagonistic desires. He has handled the onslaught very nicely, though. Hopefully his play can continue to back up what he believes.

Thumbs up to the Dallas defense. Finally, defensive coordinator Brian Stewart has everyone on the same page and performing at a high level. This has something to to with Wade Phillips being more involved, you say? Well, I agree. Phillips and his masterful defensive mind have combined with the coaching of Stewart to lead this defense towards its full potential.

Thumbs down to Felix Jones being done for the season. As always seems to be the case, promising rookies have a knack for lengthy injuries. We can only hope he returns to training camp next season as the same Felix the tore apart defenses this year. As well, thumbs down to Zach Thomas being robbed of a touchdown. The refs missed that one badly. But, being the classy guy he is, he just laughed it off and let the offense take care of it. We need more players like him.

In other news, the Mavericks are on a roll, winning four straight. Perhaps Carlisle's system has sunk in and the Mavs are ready to return to elite basketball. We're closely following the Jerry Stackhouse story and will be the first to let you know of any developments.


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